Champion Street Market Series


Set in post-war Manchester



'The new series will be greeted with joy by the thousands of women who enjoy her books.’ Evening Mail, Barrow-in-Furness


‘'You can't put a price on Freda Lightfoot's stories from Manchester's 1950s Champion Street Market.  They bubble with enough life and colour to brighten up the dreariest day and they have characters you can easily take to your heart.’ The Northern Echo.

Putting on the Style - 1

Dena loves her Saturday job at Belle’s market café, and is soon in thrall to her two good looking sons; but when her younger brother is killed by a gang of young thugs Dena is taken into care. Later, she returns to her beloved market to rebuild her life. Only when it is far too late does Dena begin to ask herself the terrifying question: has she fallen in love with her brother’s killer?

Fools Fall in Love - 2

When Patsy talks her way into a job on their Champion Street market, the Higginson sisters get more than they bargained for. Patsy’s impudence and chirpy personality win her enemies as well as new friends. And her determination to solve the riddle of her own past soon starts to unravel secrets Annie and Clara would much rather keep hidden.

That’ll be the Day - 3

Working on her busy flower stall Betty has ample opportunity to observe her customers. Sam buys bouquets for his wife so why does she always look so miserable? Leo comes every week for flowers for his mother, but has never bought so much as a rosebud for his elegant wife. Betty’s own husband went off long ago, so is it any wonder if she has a dim view of men? But all that is about to change…

Candy Kisses - 4

Everyone loves Aunty Dot, and her home made sweets and chocolates. The plump, smiling woman has provided a loving home for many a troubled child. Lizzie Pringle would do anything for her foster mother – even taking on local sweet manufacturer and bully, Cedric Finch. Until she falls for his son, Barney… Dena can’t believe that Barry Holmes would hurt her beloved daughter: he’s been like a favourite uncle to the little girl. Rumour is rife, but chocolate can be bitter, as well as sweet …

Who’s Sorry Now - 5

Things aren’t quite that simple in the noisy, warm-hearted Bertalone family. Carmina is the glamorous one, the sexy extrovert who has the boys flocking like bees round the honeypot – all except Luc Fabriani, who for some unaccountable reason seems to prefer her sister Gina. Innocent and naïve, Gina believes her sister when she spreads malicious lies about Luc: what has Carmina got to gain by breaking her sister’s heart? But lies have a habit of being found out, and trapping the liar in a web of deceit, as Carmina is about to discover. Who’s sorry now?

Lonely Teardrops - 6

It’s the day of her beloved father’s funeral and Harriet can hardly take in her grandmother’s words. Joyce, the woman she has always called Mam, isn’t her real mother after all. At least that explains why Joyce has always favoured Harriet’s brother, Grant – blood is thicker than water. Her emotions in turmoil, Harriet discovers a streak of rebellion that puts into jeopardy everything she holds dear. Can she come back from the brink or will her life be full of lonely teardrops?



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