Poorhouse Lane Series


The Girl from Poor House Lane


‘'This is a book I couldn’t put down . . .  a great read!’  South Wales Evening Post


A stirring tale of maternal love. With an atmospheric Cumbria setting and a cast of characters you’ll really come to care about, this gritty, powerful page-turner from Freda Lightfoot is sure to tug your heartstrings. www.bol.com



The slums of Poor House Lane are no place to bring up a child, and since the death of her husband, Kate has struggled to feed her beloved baby son, relying on hand-outs and charity. So when the wealthy, childless Tysons offer to adopt Callum, and employ Kate as his nursemaid, she feels compelled to accept.


To be so close to her son, yet no longer be his mother, is bittersweet. But Kate is not prepared for the jealousy the new arrangement provokes in Eliot Tyson’s brother, Charles, who sees Callum as a direct threat to his inheritance.



The Child from Nowhere


Events have taken an unexpected turn and Kate finds herself back in Poor House Lane with some heartrending decisions to be made, not least how to find her missing son. Somehow she must also make a living for herself and help the women being abused by the hated Swainson. But nothing is straightforward, and her sister-in-law Lucy isn’t done with her yet.



The Woman from Heartbreak House


The Great War is over and Kate is ready to welcome back Eliot with open arms. But her husband is a changed man. Kate has become used to her independence, and to running the shoe factory and Eliot’s return creates tensions both at work and at home, particularly with Kate’s son, Callum. It tears Kate apart to see such strife between the two men she loves most. And her sister-in-law seems determined to stir up the animosity in order to benefit her own son. But when tragedy strikes, Kate cannot imagine just how much trouble Lucy’s ambition can cause …



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